HappiHello's Corporate Offerings

Discover HappiHello's unique corporate offerings tailored to elevate your brand and events. We can create custom artwork, personalize an existing design, or craft an engaging experience to ensure a lasting impression.

If you have an idea that's not covered below, please get in touch using the contact form, and we can brainstorm something bespoke together!

Custom Artwork

HappiHello can create custom artwork to fit an event theme or marketing campaign idea that you have in mind.

This client aimed to celebrate the 'Best Views from Brooklyn' seen from a recently opened building in Downtown Brooklyn.

I designed, watercolored, and added glitter glue detailing to custom artwork cutouts of New York City's iconic buildings.


HappiHello can personalize virtually any of our current greeting cards to fit your brand's needs - whether it's tailoring the text or customizing the colors.

This thoughtful client sends 'housiversary' cards to their clients and wanted to elevate their cards by adding light personalization.

I transformed a birthday card into a 'Happy Housiversary' card by adding the realtors' names for a special touch.


With hundreds of pop-ups and events under my belt across HappiHello and my corporate career, I would love to be a part of any event your hosting.

I can easily tailor my setup to fit a small pop-up event or large industry trade show.

My displays are clean and tidy, and I'm professional, engaging, and friendly.

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