HappiHello is a New York City-based handcrafted stationery studio blending meticulous paper craftsmanship with playful watercolor illustration. 

design values

  • Handmade - One of a kind artworks that no email or text can replace.
  • Classy - Designs that are as lovely as the messages that will go inside.
  • Delightful - Create joy through cards that are worth keeping forever.

our story

After a decade-long startup marketing career, I launched HappiHello in May 2022 to capture memories through paper.

Growing up, my mom and I treasured family events by delicately crafting photos and pretty paper into scrapbooks, and that’s how my passion for paper crafting was born.

I hope to inspire others to archive every occasion through heartfelt handwritten messages inside beautifully handcrafted cards.


Eileen, Founder, HappiHello