Photo of Eileen Ann at the HappiHello booth at FAD Marekt
HappiHello is a New York City-based handcrafted stationery studio blending meticulous paper craftsmanship with playful watercolor illustration. 

design values

  • Handmade - One of a kind artworks that no email or text can replace.
  • Classy - Designs that are as lovely as the messages that will go inside.
  • Delightful - Create joy through cards that are worth keeping forever.

our story

After a decade-long startup marketing career, I launched HappiHello in May 2022 to capture memories through paper.

My parents fled war-torn Cambodia as refugees in 1975 with few photos and belongings. Growing up, we treasured family events by delicately crafting photos and pretty paper into scrapbooks. Born and raised in the suburbs of Boston, I’m proud to be a first-generation American small business owner. 

I hope to inspire others to archive every occasion through heartfelt handwritten messages inside beautifully handcrafted cards.


Eileen, Founder, HappiHello